Monday, July 02, 2007

Another great thrift store find

I went to the local thrift store on Saturday afternoon, hoping against hope that I'd find another haul of good yarn. Of course there was only the one skein of Red Heart Super Saver, a few scraps of horrifying rug yarn, and a couple balls of sticky and stained crochet cotton. Bummer.

There were a few old mini-sized crafting magazines, and two crochet ones, but I scoured them all and didn't find anything worth paying 25¢ for. Then I went to the book section. I always check the section marked "Crafts" but it only has cookbooks and self-help books (self-help? the hot new crafting trend?), so I decided to branch out. I basically just scanned every book on every shelf. When I got to the section that had encyclopedias of women's carpentry tips from the late 60s (I'm not kidding), I found a copy of Knitting the New Classics by Kristin Nicholas, in almost-perfect condition! The only problem is that it has a slight cigarette-smoke smell inside the pages (gross). But for 50¢, I don't consider it a huge problem. I set it out on the picnic table for the rest of the afternoon, and then brought it inside and stuck some used dryer sheets between a few of the pages. If that doesn't help, I will either not worry about it (it only smells when I flip through the pages quickly and it blows a stinky little tobacco breeze in my face), or else I will try sprinkling baking soda and/or baby powder between the pages. (I am not endorsing this as a good idea. I have no idea where I came up with this idea, I've never tried it, and it could very well make the book into a powdery mess, while not even taking the stink away! I will let you guys know if I try it, and how it works.)

Also, I've searched the web for errata, which I will be printing off and sticking inside the book so I never get too far on a messed-up pattern. After my last ordeal with a mistaken pattern, I don't want to take any more chances.

Finally, on an unrelated note, the new issue of Magknits is up! I think this is the first time that I actually like all the patterns in this issue. I know it's a free online magazine and I shouldn't complain about free patterns, but I just don't usually like the stuff they publish, so this is really nice, to be excited about all the new patterns! Too bad there are only five in this issue. Oh well!


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