Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Library Love

I have lived in Forest Lake for just over one year now, and had never gone to see the local library until this past weekend. It is smallish, but nice, and I heard they will be expanding it a lot in the next couple years.

I found 6 knitting books to bring home, and one of them was Knitting Without Tears by Elizabeth Zimmerman. WOW. She was truly amazing. I actually read the book cover-to-cover over the weekend! This is the kind of knitter I always try to be - the kind who just jumps in and tries things, the one who is never bound by a pattern. (Really, I suppose none of us are ever bound by a pattern... some of us are just braver to stray from it than others!)

I love that she learned to knit English but preferred Continental - and still uses both for two-color designs! I love that she is passionate about the structure and form of the stitches and garments. I love her innovative ideas and techniques. I love that she is so informative and inspiring! Reading this book made me love knitting even more, and it made me feel great - she talks directly to you, the reader, and reminds you constantly that you are intelligent and capable of accomplishing anything! I would recommend it to anyone who wants to broaden their knitting mind and become a stronger, free-er, more creative knitter.

I have this book (and several others) on my Amazon Wish List, but now I want them more than ever! EZ's work is absolutely genius and would have a welcome space on my bookshelf. :)


Blogger gloria said...

I found your blog from Tim's blog. I love arts and crafts and I love people who love them too. Fun to read your blog. I love your project completion bars. I need that on about ten crafts. I quilt and work with felted wool for penny rugs and hooked rugs. Recently I got went to JoAnn's to get some pillow ticking and found that the yellow stripe in the fabric is the exact color of my kitchen so I made a new (and needed) curtain for the window. It has been my source of joy all day!!! I love crafts. :)

1:08 PM CDT  
Anonymous Kelly said...

Knitting without tears is one of the best books ever! I've read it cover to cover several times. EZ is my personal knitting hero; she really taught me that I'm "the boss" of my knitting. You should check out Knitting Around, too. Another great read.

3:08 PM CDT  

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