Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Another baby sweater in the making

I'm using the yarn I dyed to make a little baby cardigan using this pattern. I got some sweet little yellow and green buttons that match the colors of the yarn perfectly, and I can't decide yet which ones to use! Jon thinks I should use both colors - as in, three green and two yellow or something like that.

I'm probably also going to make the matching booties, and a basic little hat, too.

No, I don't have any WIP pictures right now... Top down cardigans are a little boring until you put the sleeve stitches on waste yarn or stitch holders. Right now it basically just looks like a strip of yellow and green ridged fabric! I suppose I could think about snapping a photo or two tomorrow... but I'm not terribly enthused about that right now. I'm tired.

In other news, I found out on Sunday that the neighbors saw a BEAR in our neighborhood! We live in the woods on a little semi-private cul-de-sac with just 6 other families, so we see a lot of wildlife around here, but BEARS! WOW! I actually hope I get to see one and get a picture, but I bet the chances of that are pretty slim. Oh well, I keep my camera with me as much as possible, so I'll still keep my eyes open, just in case!


Blogger nellbell55420 said...

That's gonna be super cute!! Lucky Baby.

12:28 PM CDT  

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