Sunday, April 22, 2007

Baby Surprise Jacket Complete!

I can NOT believe how fast the BSJ went. I started it on a Friday night, and finished knitting it the following Friday night! Then I seamed the shoulders, wove in all my ends, and added the buttons on Saturday, and finally sewed on the buttons on Sunday (I could have done them on Saturday but we were visiting my parents in Fargo, ND and I didn't have the thread with me that I wanted to use.)

It has not been blocked but it still looks halfway presentable:
BSJ - All done!

I do plan on blocking it, though, just to even out all the stitches and edges and such. I really think a little matching hat would be adorable, but I don't think I have enough leftover yarn from the project... I might try anyway, because I tend to need an exercise in frustration every so often, just to keep me humble.


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