Thursday, May 24, 2007

Baby Cardigan Progress Update

I am five rows away from finishing the body of the yellow and green ridged baby cardigan as of last night. I suppose I could have finished those rows, but it was already past bedtime (again!) and I really was getting tired. Once I finish the body, I just have to pick up the sleeve stitches and knit those, sew on 5 buttons and I'm done! Hopefully that won't take too long. I'm not sure why this cardigan is going so much slower than the BSJ. Maybe because the BSJ was my first baby piece, and I started it the very same day when I found out that K was pregnant. I'm so excited for her!!!

After I finish this cardi, I was planning on making the matching booties with garter stitch ridges on the instep, but now I'm starting to think I'd rather do these (which some people, including myself, affectionately refer to as "FrankenBooties" due to their boxy shape!) The photos I've seen are adorable, and I've heard they are excellent at staying on a baby's feet. ;)

Dang, I really gotta get some pictures of that cardigan... it's been too long since I've posted any pictures at all, and it's really cute. Once I bind off the body, I'll try to get a few snapshots tonight. It'll look like a cute little sleeveless vest!


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