Tuesday, April 10, 2007

New Yarn & Pattern (for later)

New yarn came yesterday! I found out about an insansely good sale over at Webs last week, and ordered 6 hanks of Cascade 220 in Light Green Heather. Seriously, $7 is already a good deal, but marked down to $4.89 was... well... a challenge - LOL! It was hard not to "stock up and save" as Jon likes to say, but I just got my 6 hanks. I'll be using them to knit the "Rogue" Hooded Pullover, a pattern from The Girl From Auntie.

I wound the first hank into a ball last night and knit two swatches, first on US8 and then on US9. I got 5 sts/inch on the 8s, ripped it out, and then got 4.5 sts/inch on the 9s, but now that I think about it, I didn't block those swatches... so maybe I should have kept the one knit on the 8s just in case. Oh well. I can do it tonight. It's quick enough, and easier than wrestling Jon's gigantic sweater as I attempt to work on the sleeves. I think I might not do any more top-down, one-piece sweaters for a while. Espeically giant ones. It's ridiculous!

No, no pictures in this post. Just keeping track of things. It's for personal reference, so nyah-nyah.

Oh, I almost forgot! I have this old friend from junior high and high school, and he has this wife who I've never actually met in person, but we are acquainted via the internet. She is also a knitter and just started a blog of her own, so I figured I'd point a link in her direction for any random friends or strangers who might be stopping by here. Stop by and see her!


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