Friday, April 20, 2007

Undyed Yarn - no pix today, who wants to see THAT?

I found a SUPER COOL package in the mail yesterday - 560 yards of undyed Kona Superwash DK Merino! I ordered it on Monday and it arrived by Thursday - awesome! I spent a good 20 minutes or so literally hugging this hank of yarn while chatting with Jon about this 'n that. Hugging it. It was soft, it was big (560 yards, y'all!), and I cannot WAIT to split it into smaller hanks and start dyeing it! It's going to be used for baby things for my newly-pregnant pal K., and that is why I ordered the Superwash. Just toss it in the laundry with everything else, no worry about felting or shrinking! And babies, as I understand it, are very sloppy and messy and must be cleaned often, along with all their clothes and blankets.

See, last Friday, I bought 6 packages of PAAS easter egg dye kits for 49 cents each. You can use them for dyeing yarn! Half a buck for 6 different colored tablets - what a deal! You can also use Kool-Aid of course(what is that, like 10 cents per packet? and every color of the rainbow!), and other food-dyes too. OK, yes, you can also use acid dyes specifically made for this kind of stuff, but c'mon, where's the fun in that? I'm really excited because this weekend, when we go to visit my parents, my mom has said she would let me have some of her older food dyes from when she was doing cake-decorating. She said that some of them are a little dry and getting a bit crumbly, so they can't be used for coloring frosting, but since I would be dissolving them in very hot water (and maybe some vinegar?), they'd still work great for my purposes!

So stoked.

I wanted to start dyeing RIGHT NOW, but it takes time, and I still need to figure out how many different colorways I want to try with this first hank... probably no more than 3. If this first foray goes well, though, I'm going to be doing a LOT more dyeing in the future. There are so many different methods you can use, and effects you can achieve. I think I want to try using my old crock-pot first for something nice with green and yellow (maybe with a teeny-tiny dash of orange). I also want to try doing some self-striping yarn, but I will need to set up a warping board for that. I think I also should have a niddy-noddy... I can make one out of PVC to whatever size I need, so that will be nice and easy.

If you want to get some REALLY nicely priced undyed yarn, I highly recommend Catnip Yarns on eBay - they have lovely yarns in every fiber you can imagine, for great prices, and they ship very quickly. Yard-for-yard, this is some of the best-priced stuff I've found, even including shipping. And yes, even compared to Knitpicks' line of "Bare" undyed yarns!


Anonymous Alice said...

Hello! I found your blog when I was searching about "Malabrigo" and I saw your gorgous scarf, and I've been reading it since then. Thanks for pointing out Catnip Yarns! It looks like they have tons of awesome stuff!

I've been doing some dyeing with easter egg dyes too. The dyes are much more concentrated and vibrant than Kool-aid it seems. I love the colors you can get! I did mine on the stovetop with a make-shift steamer and it worked really well. I put a tutorial on my blog if you're interested in seeing it here. You can also see the chevron scarf I'm working on with my dyed yarn on my blog!

12:10 PM CDT  

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