Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Needle Roll - My First Attempt at Sewing

I got this scrap of fabric at Jo-Ann Fabrics the other day, because I thought it would look nice as a needle roll.

Needle Case Fabric

The only thing is... I don't really know how to sew. I've never sewn in my life. My husband is great at it though, and used to design, sew, and sell his own clothes! He let me use his sewing machine and even showed me how to start using it. Still... I'm quite the beginner, as you will see from my slightly wonky needle roll.

I couldn't find any patterns online that matched quite what I wanted in a needle roll, so I had to make my own. That took a LONG time because I couldn't figure out which pieces would need to be stitched where, and on which sides! But I came up with something I liked, and mostly did an OK job of getting it all put together. I realized, after it was too late to be fixed, that I had seamed a couple pieces a little bit wrong, so there is a funny fold on each side of the thing... but that's ok, it was my first try and I'm still mostly happy with how it turned out.

I put some needles in it for these pictures, but there are still several more circular needles that will be going in here. Plus my Denise set will still be in its own case.

I found some black satiny fabric in Jon's stash that looked about right for how I wanted the inside, and here's what I made...

Here it is open. You can see that folded-over part on the right side really easily.

Here it is with the top flap folded down:

And finally, rolled up. I like to fold the two ends in to meet at the middle, and then roll it up from one end to the other.

I still need to get some black ribbons to tie it. I had considered making fasteners with buttons or snaps or velcro, but I think I want to go with the versatility and beauty of ribbon instead.

That's all for now!


Blogger AR said...

Very nice. I may have to dust off the sewing machine and try a few of those.

1:02 PM CDT  
Blogger Amber Joy said...

Thank you! I think I want to try sewing something else again soon, this time with a "real" pattern. My husband was such a great help, and I've got more confidence now that I've tried it and know that it's not that hard!

1:07 PM CDT  

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