Friday, May 25, 2007

Starting over

So I've updated the previous post and included a picture of just how egregious my error was. Oh yeah, it was ridiculous. I showed Jon this evening and he was very sweet, trying to comfort me by saying things like, "Maybe you don't have to re-do it... maybe it will be a deformed baby!" and "You could just close up the holes and make it a little baby-sack!" Cute. He made me smile, anyway. And he rubbed my shoulders which is a good thing to do while teasing me about something I've been so upset about!

But yeah, I ripped the whole thing out. It didn't take too long, just a few minutes, and I decided to wind it into a yarn cocoon. Y'all ever seen/made one of these? They're so neat. You wind the yarn into this cocoon-like thing that pulls from the center but never collapses like center-pull balls can after a while. I do cocoons sometimes, but not always. Sometimes I prefer a ball, because balls are slightly more portable.
Yarn cocoon
"Aaaaahhh, help, it's eating my hand!"
Yarn cocoon - back
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I think I first found instructions on making yarn cocoons here.

Here's what it looks like off my hand. (This one's a little sloppy from the kinked yarn... maybe I should have hanked and steamed it first, but I'm too impatient!)

The "top" or "front" - where the yarn pulls out:
Yarn cocoon

The "back" where nothing happens - not even collapsing when you get down to the end of the yarn!
Yarn cocoon - back

So that's where I'm at right now. I'll be re-casting-on for this cardigan tonight, and by gum, I'm going to use most of this Memorial Day weekend to knit like crazy since we don't have any other plans!

Also, if I get a few free minutes and need a break from knitting, I plan on sewing a needle roll for all my non-Denise-set DPNs, circs, and straights. I got this fabric from Jo-Ann Fabrics yesterday and I'm very excited about using it!
Needle Case Fabric



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