Sunday, June 10, 2007

Almost another FO

Well, last night I started and finished the first sleeve on the green and yellow baby cardigan! I'm going to do the second sleeve and get a photo or two this evening, unless I get sidetracked... which i often do. It looks a lot better than my previous, deformed attempt! Don't worry, I will post pictures of the "bad version" and the "good version" at the same time for comparison. It's pretty funny, actually. Jon and I had a hearty laugh about it last night, looking at just how non-bag-like this new iteration of the sweater looks! LOL

Speaking of the hubby, he and I are going to the fabric store this morning, in about an hour. It's getting to be summer and we need to start thinking about making clothes for Burning Man again! I always feel kind of like a "tourist" if I wear regular street clothes, so I like to have at least a couple options of more creative, interesting, and comfortable things to wear. And I love being married to a man who can sew.


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