Thursday, June 21, 2007

Stashbuster Dishcloth

I had some kitchen cotton left over from the dishcloths I had made last Christmas, so I decided to knit a dishcloth for myself. I started it on Monday and finished on Tuesday. Now I kind of wish I had another simple and "mindless" knitting project to pick up when I'm feeling distracted or irritable... like last night.

Last night I was so cranky and unfocused I couldn't work on Peacock Feathers at all and didn't think Baudelaire would be a good idea either. (I had a hard day at work, which included feeling stressed, overworked, and ultimately culminated in me dumping tartar sauce in my lap. No, not on purpose.) If I hadn't finished this dishcloth the day before, I would have worked on it, but no dice. Jon suggested knitting another dishcloth, but I don't have any more cotton left! (Maybe I should stock up for occasions such as this in the future...) And unfortunately, I couldn't brain enough to come up with something else little and simple to knit. Or I didn't want to. Whatever. Either way, I was feeling cranky and pouty and non-knitty.

So anyway, here's the dishcloth I made on Monday and Tuesday. I took this picture just after sunrise yesterday morning, so the light is pretty bad.

Lacy Butterfly Dishcloth

Lacy Butterfly Dishcloth

yarn Lily Sugar & Cream (cotton yarn) Color - "Cream"
needles US6 Bamboo

 Lacy Butterfly Dishcloth


Blogger Guinifer said...

So pretty for a dishcloth!

5:49 PM CDT  
Blogger The_Add_Knitter said...

Gorgeous dish cloth, almost a shame to actually use it!;)

6:42 PM CDT  

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