Saturday, March 24, 2007

Thistle Leaf Scarf & Yarn Pix

I mentioned yesterday that the Applewood colorway is much prettier in person than the pictures I've seen online. I may have just gotten lucky with a great dye lot too, but look at this beautiful pink and tan!
Malabrigo "Applewood"
I should have gotten a picture of it when it was in the hank. Yarn always looks so beautiful in hanks. This ball is hand-wound and getting a little floppy and sloppy! I love winding my yarn by hand with the umbrella swift. I don't think I'd want to use a ball winder if I was offered one, unless it was for laceweight or something like that of course. I am thinking about getting a nostepinde, because right now I just use my thumb for small balls of yarn, and a toilet paper tube when I'm winding larger amounts. It gets the job done, but a real nostie would be such a treat. My youngest brother used to make beautiful hardwood canes on a lathe... maybe I could ask if he'd be willing to make me a custom nostie... but an authentic Norwegian one would be neat too.

OK, enough about yarn winding. I also have a WIP picture of the scarf itself. It doesn't look like much right now, it's actually kind of lumpy and goofy-looking in fact, but that's always the case with lace until it gets blocked.
You can't even really see the thistle leaves! They're all bunched up together. (Can you tell I took this picture at my desk? Ha ha)

Anyway, it's going pretty quickly, so I'm eager to finish it up soon so that I can block it out. I probably won't really be able to use it until next fall/winter, but that's ok. I'm really enjoying just working on it anyway. Malabrigo = Love. Nuff said.


Blogger Guinifer said...

Oh your scarf is gorgeous already!

8:32 AM CDT  
Blogger Rani said...

Love the scarf! I'm still fairly new to knitting but this looks inspiring! Hmmmmmm.

5:20 PM CDT  

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