Sunday, February 11, 2007

Scarf, Mittens, and Blog Stuff

I've done a few things today. First, and most importantly, I moved my ever-growing list of Finished Objects over to a separate page on our website where I can include thumbnails and stuff. The list was just cluttering up my sidebar WAY too much. I think this is a much better solution... Well heck, just take a look! It's nothing pretty, but it's functional, and that's what I like.

About half an hour ago, I also finished my Multidirectional Scarf knit from the SWS. I gotta admit, I don't think I like it that much. The colors are just not thrilling me. Plus, it was still pretty scratchy when I finished it up, but I gave it a good soak in lavender Eucalan and have it blocking in the guest room. I'm really hoping it softens up when it's dry... that might almost make it tolerable. The label didn't specify what kind of wool is in that yarn, but it's nothing too great. What a bummer.

BUT! Speaking of quality wools - YEAH! I'm making myself some mittens out of Malabrigo (in Azul Profundo). OK, everyone say it with me - MmmmmmmmmMalabrigo :) :) :) Buttah. Seriously, it's like knitting with butter. This is some of the yarn that I had bought for my sister-in-law when I was getting ready to teach her how to knit a few weeks ago, but even though she had picked it out, I guess she changed her mind because she decided it's a little too-dark-blue for her. NO PROBLEMO, BABY. So it's mine, all mine! And for some mysterious reason I don't actually own a pair of mittens right now. I am still planning on making some cabled ones from the Misti Alpaca Worsted I got to match the cabled hat I made, but for now, I just really want to make profoundly blue mittens.

I'm done with the first one and am almost 2 inches into the second one. I'm just doing a basic mitten with an afterthought thumb... I'm kind of wishing I'd done gussets, but eh... it's too late now and there's nothing wrong with it as-is. Here's mitten number one. Nothing too exciting to look at. The appeal is really in feeling it. (Plus d'oh, the top is kind of goofy-looking!)



Blogger Guinifer said...

I'm making a hat right now out of some yarn I got off ebay that looks like it's the exact same stuff - except I know it's not Malabrigo. Weird.

10:57 AM CST  

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