Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Color Theory Tips

I just read this article in Knitty (it's one of the Winter 2006 Surprises - hooray!), and I was inspired to make a black-and-white printout of my big Yarn Score from this weekend.

It's a good thing I did! I just learned a lot about the yarn I got. The red, green, and brown all look exactly alike in grayscale. Their value is far too close for them to be used together (and still look good). However, the creme and yellow, while matching each others' values, are about as opposite from the darker colors as they could be. This means that if I wanted to use these yarns together, I would need to contrast ONE of the dark colors with ONE of the light colors... Which means I don't have enough for a sweater. (Not that I really wanted to make a sweater with these. The red is just a little too - WOW... And the yellow isn't really my cup of tea either, especially next to the dark green and brown.)

So I guess what this all boils down to is that I'm probably going to make mittens. Mittens and felt clog slippers (probably as gifts). Felt clogs because omigosh aren't they so cute!!!

I just realized that I should probably go and do this with the 4 colors of Knitpicks Main Line I have at home that's earmarked for my stripedy sweater... :/ Oh man, I hope my uneducated color picks work together!


Anonymous nee said...

felted clogs RAWK!

6:10 PM CST  
Blogger Guinifer said...

Mittens would be sweet too!

I LOVE color theory.

7:54 AM CST  

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