Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Dog in a Kitty Pi

Jon and I were playing Scrabble last night, as we do almost every night, and we saw Bonzo walk over to the Kitty Pi, step all four of his flipper big feet inside it, and start rotating in circles like dogs do when they're going to lie down. I didn't get a video of that, but I did get a picture of him sitting in it:

I don't think it's big enough for you, Bonzo.
Bonzo tries out the Kitty Pi

He also tried laying flat down on it, which pretty much obscured the bed, otherwise I would have taken a picture of that, too. I think he gave up after that, and Moby went back to cramming himself into it again:
More Moby Pi

It makes me feel really good, and rather amused, to know that so many LARGE animals want to use this LITTLE cat bed.


Blogger Guinifer said...

Don't you love dogs? Cats are cool, but dogs are so mindlessly one-minded sometimes!

10:16 AM CST  

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