Thursday, January 11, 2007

Peacock Feathers Update

I'm just one row away from completing Chart 5. I know I probably shouldn't even bother saying anything until I complete that one row, but heck, at the rate I'm going on this thing lately, even being one row away from the end of a chart is a big deal.

OK, it's actually two rows. I have to do one pattern row and then one wrong-side (purl) row... but I try to never put it down until I've done the WS row on the back of whichever RS row I've just worked.

I need to get more focused, but I can't decide what to do! Regan's scarf is almost done, and it would be nice to send it to her BEFORE winter is over, but then again, Jon's sweater could easily be finished before winter's end if I focused on THAT... but then again, Peacock Feathers has been going on and off since JUNE. And that is just embarassing. But it's also exhausting me. (Well ok, that's a cop-out... when I am working on it, I really enjoy it. I think it's just hard to make the choice to pick it up when I have other projects on hand which would all go faster.)

Meh. Someday. I promise. Someday I will finish this dang thing. And enter it in the STATE FAIR. I deserve a ribbon just for getting through it before I give it to Kathryn! LOL (Hope you don't mind if I do that, K! Besides, then you could say your shawl was in the State Fair! And maybe a winner if I'm lucky!)


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