Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Woo! Yeah! I always love a new year - mostly because I love new calendars and I'm a nerd like that. But still, WOO!

OK, knitting. Little Sister In Law came over on the 30th and brought some Swarovski beads that she had bought at a bead store for much cheaper than that crazy-expensive yarn she wanted. We went to the closest LYS (Double Ewe in Circle Pines) together and she picked out some lovely Merino Stripes (I can't remember if she got the Blue Jeans colorway or the San Francisco Fog), some Malabrigo in a bluey-whitey colorway (I think it might have been Azul Profundo), and some white Lamb's Pride Bulky. I grabbed a skein of Noro Kureyon (colorway 40?) to use as a "teaching yarn" ...and a little more Misti Alpaca Worsted, too, so I can make mittens to match my hat. She started a roll-brim hat with the Merino Stripes, and will have to sew the crystal beads on when it's done, since their holes are so tiny they can't be strung onto any yarn bigger than laceweight.

I made a roll-brim hat with myKureyon too, since that's what I was teaching (easy to do, just knitknitknit around!), and that way I was able to sit by her and use mine as an example. I started and finished it that day, but I didn't really want a roll-brim hat as much as I thought I did, so I ripped it out and knit it into an ADORABLE little felted clutch on New Year's Eve, and I felted it on New Year's Day. I think it might want to dry for one more day, but I suppose I could still post pictures. I want to add a magnet snap or two to the flap. I think I'm going to use it for either cosmetics or knitting accessories, since my current little pouch is a little crowded... Or maybe it would be a nice gift for someone. I dunno.

For the clutch, I didn't use a pattern, just made a strip in garter stitch, picked up stitches on each side of the rectangle and knit up. When I got to what I decided would be the top, I cast off all the stitches on the front and the two sides, and then knit a flap on the remaining edge. When that was long enough, I cast off and threw it in the washing machine. I think I'll say more about the shaping and stuff when I get the pictures up here.

I expect I will start and finish my baby alpaca mittens next weekend. I want to make them with baby cables on the wrists and one or two larger cables going up the back of the hands. Maybe one large open cable would be nice. Now that I've got Barbara Walker's First and Second Treasuries, I have so many options! Gotta love it.

I love that so many of the things I've been doing lately have not used any existing patterns, outside of basic stitch patterns that get worked into the piece. Maybe I should start writing some of this stuff down.

Wow, I'm really jumping around a lot here today. But I did want to note one other thing that I almost forgot - I was offered an opportunity to teach knitting classes in the spring! More on that as I get more info. ;)


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