Thursday, December 28, 2006

Post-Christmas Progress Report

I've finished the dishcloths and given them to the intended local recipient (the ones to be mailed are still waiting to be mailed - but it's only the 4th day of Christmas, I still have time!)

I'm plugging away on Peacock Feathers. I don't know why I'm not enjoying it as much as I was in the beginning... OH WAIT YES - Hundreds and hundreds of purl stitches every other row! AAACK! Drives me crazy.

Also merrily plugging away at the scarf for Regan. I sure hope she likes it when I'm done!

Also making really amazingly good progress on the Husband Sweater. Working it in vertical ribs was a bit challenging at first, when there weren't any stitches in front of the shoulders, but I worked through it just fine and am just a couple inches away from separating the sleeves and working down the body below the armpits. WOW. No, really, I really mean WOW. Because this thing is going a LOT faster than I thought it would. And if my dad's sweater goes anywhere near as fast as this one is going, then I guess I won't really have any reason to complain, and he won't have any reason to whine about "When am I getting a sweater?" much longer.

What else...? Oh, little sister-in-law (age 15) decided she wants a hat knit with yarn that has Swarovski crystals in it. I have heard of this yarn. I remember knowing it was almost $100 for just 15 yards. Sure enough, I found the website and it is two dollars PER FOOT. Yeah, go puke now. Her argument was, "It gets marked down to $1.23 when you order in bulk!" Uhh... yeah. OK. I don't know of any other situation when two yards of yarn is considered bulk. LOL

I explained that she'd need at least around 100 yards to make a good hat and she seemed shocked at the amount of yarn required. I tried steering her toward a few Tilli Tomas yarns, which, while not "cheap", are at least a bit more reasonable than Swarovski. I also showed her how beads can be strung onto yarn and pulled into place while knitting, and sent her a link to Grumperina's Odessa hat in MagKnits as an example. She seemed OK with that idea, and she's going to show me some beads she would like to use this weekend, and we will go to the LYS and see if we can find a yarn to use that can be threaded through them.

I'd like to help her knit it all by herself, but she doesn't seem too keen on that idea. What have I gotten myself into here?! I tried to tell myself I wasn't going to knit for other people unless it was un-solicited and I just felt like doing it for fun. But I guess just can't resist sometimes.


Blogger Amanda said...

I made dishcloths too for gifts for the holidays. That's an insane amount for yarn with Swarovski crystals in it (but very pretty too) LOL

6:45 AM CST  

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