Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A few pictures

I made two dishcloths for my mother-in-law, but I forgot to take a picture of the second one, which is a shame, because it was a lot more complicated and prettier IMHO. But here's the first one I made and did get a picture of. See if you can find where I purled four stitches that should have been knitted on the wrong side. Here's a hint - it's somewhere in the welt.
Dishcloth for Jon's Mom

I started the Husband Sweater a few different times. The first time I didn't get very far and forgot to do ribbing anyway. The second time I got a couple inches in and then realized I absolutely hated the way my increases looked, so I ripped it out and started over again.

Here is what the first (ugly) increases looked like:
Husband Sweater, 1st try

And here is the version I am currently working on:
Husband Sweater, 2nd try

That's just the picture I took at the beginning to show the difference in the raglans. And it's definitely an improvement. I'm actually quite a bit further along - tonight I split off the sleeve stitches but forgot to take a picture of Jon wearing it like a capelet when I was checking to see how many stitches I should add to the underarms. I'll see if I can get something tomorrow.

The Kureyon I bought this weekend is indeed #40. Here it is as a roll-brim hat (topless), and a rare self-portrait of me looking frighteningly insane. But don't worry, I'm harmlessly insane:
Why yes, I do have a touch of the crazy

So yeah, I ripped that out the next day and knit it into a cute little clutch-thingy which I then felted. I might felt it some more to see if I can get rid of any more stitch definition.

Here's the front, back, and an action-shot of the flap:

I've got a couple other projects going on but no pictures right now. Being lace, they're actually not going to look much good until they are blocked anyway, so I'm not going to waste my time.


Anonymous Guinifer said...

Great color for the Noro clutch!

1:17 PM CST  

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