Thursday, December 14, 2006

New Blue Sweater Yarn

I got a great deal on a pile of "Paton's Classic" Merino online last week and the box arrived yesterday. I got 10 skeins for under $38, including shipping! The plan is to make a ribbed sweater for Jon. He wants it really boring and simple. I want to do either drop sleeves or raglan sleeves but I haven't really made up my mind yet. I knit, washed, and blocked a gauge swatch last night and hit 5 sts/inch in stockinette. Then I realized that he wants the entire sweater ribbed (I'm thinking probably 4x2 or something similar), but this means I should have gotten gauge for a ribbed swatch. So I ripped it out this morning and ended up with a little pile of that kinked stuff I sometimes call "poodle yarn" in my head, and I'll probably wash it lightly again before I knit it up into another swatch.

Jon is in no rush to get this sweater, but it's nice to have the yarn ready for when I finish a few other things and can get started on it. He had originally picked out a dark grey color, but it was out of stock when I tried to place the order. So I ended up choosing a beautiful stormy blue (in fact I believe the actual color is called "Blue Storm") that I thought would suit him well. When the box of yarn arrived yesterday he agreed that the new color I picked for him was a very good one, and he seemed really pleased with it.

Speaking of Jon, he asked me last night if I'd rather have a pegboard swift or an umbrella swift. After I picked my jaw up off the floor (I'm used to hearing him refer to "yarn swiffers" and didn't realize he knew or cared about the different types!), I told him I'd like an umbrella one but didn't want to ask for too much. He said he'd done some research and would like to make one for me, not for Xmas, but just for a nice thing to make for me sometime. What a sweetheart! He said he wasn't sure if one kind was better than the other, and wanted to make "the best kind" for me. Heavens, what a good husband that man is. :)


Anonymous Guinifer said...

You are a lucky gal!

10:40 AM CST  

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