Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I need some yarn therapy

The past... ohhh, week and a half or so... has been just CRAZY-HECTIC at work. And it's coming to a head, probably tomorrow. That's when the film crew from California wraps up their activities that I've been desperately trying to keep up with as they constantly change plans while I struggle to keep things moving smoothly around them. I'm hoping that things slow down a little bit after they are done. But I'm not counting on it. My calendar is not looking very friendly, and the way things have been going outside of the film-crew issues, I'm sure it will just stay as hectic as before even after they've gone.

Point being, I have this deep desire to go pet and/or purchase yarn. Beautiful, soft yarn. Like the stuff here. (This stuff is as soft as Malabrigo because it is Malabrigo, just not worsted.)

I like knitting, I find it calming, but I'm so wiped out from all these goings-on at work that I don't even want to put forth that kind of effort! I just want to fondle yarns, and maybe drool a little bit. The problem is that I really hate buying yarns if I don't have a pattern in mind, and petting yarn I can't have would not really give me the same satisfaction as coming home with a big bag full of it. Maybe I'll use this opportunity to get started on those baby alpaca mittens I promised myself to go with my hat...

Mmmmmm, baby alpaca.... *drools*


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