Friday, March 23, 2007

Finally, another FO

Malabrigo Mittens

I'm so relieved to actually finish something, even something small. It gave me the motivation to get back to work on the two larger projects I have going on.

I've also started my new scarf for ME, one to replace the itchy SWS one that I gave to my friend. I've designed one using the Thistle Leaves Pattern from Barbara Walker's Second Treasury, and I'm making it in that lovely pink and tan Malabrigo that I bought last weekend. It's about a foot and a half long so far. I suppose I should get some WIP pictures up, or at least pictures of the pretty yarn. Every picture I've seen online of this Applewood colorway is terrible and muddy-looking. It's actually quite beautiful in person. I just took a few pictures right this moment, but I don't have a cable with me to upload them, so maybe I can do that tonight or this weekend.

I made the Thistle Leaves stitch pattern into a chart for myself after the first repeat working from text-only (ugh), and it's been flying along now! If you have never used charts before, PLEASE do try them. It's not as confusing as it may appear at first. Each symbol looks a little like the stitch that it forms; a right-slanting line stands for a right-slanting decrease (K2tog), an open circle stands for a yarn-over, which makes a little open circle in your knitting! It's all very simple. I sometimes liken it to reading music... but if you don't read music, don't worry, you can still read knitting symbols! My Thistle Leaf scarf only uses 6 very basic stitches - Knit, Purl (WS only), YO, K2tog, SSK, and SK2PO. Check it out!


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