Monday, March 12, 2007


I've been getting these headaches lately, and they always last several hours. On top of that, I've had some carpal tunnel syndrome going on in the last few weeks, causing a lot of pain in my right hand and wrist. It's almost certainly work-related. Stupid mouse & keyboard.

This weekend I realized I felt really depressed too, and I can't figure out why. I said to Jon that I felt like I would have been less depressed if I had taken more initiative and done more "productive" stuff this weekend, since I admit I kind of slacked on my chores and housework.

Jon said, "It's a Catch-22 though... You want to have done more to feel less depressed, but it's hard to do things because you feel depressed!" He's right. And I think that's where my knitting has gone. I started slacking on it a while back because I was trying to keep it from cluttering up the living room, and then I think my mood started declining... which made me less likely to pick up my knitting, which left me feeling more and more bummed.

He asked me a few days ago, "Why haven't you been knitting lately?" and the first thing I blamed was the carpal tunnel. While that does play a part in the slacking off, I think another big part is the fact that I haven't really been pushing myself, and that sucks.

This week I have a lot to get done. The dog needs a haircut and I need to clean up the bathroom since his bath yesterday left a lot of mess in there. I need to get the house ready for a friend who will be coming on Friday morning and staying for most of the weekend. If I can get everything in shape to my satisfaction, I'm going to have to then force myself to do some knitting. Either pick up Jon's sweater and do some work on the sleeves, or finish my mittens, or even do a few rows on the lace shawl... Maybe even a quick simple dishcloth just to get back in the swing of things. Anything to get me back on track!

Also, now that the weather is warming up, I'm going to have to make 20-30 minutes a day to go for a nice evening walk. Exercise always helps pick up one's mood... and it would be good for my stress levels, which have been extra-high for the last three weeks (I was not only doing my own job, but I was also covering for another gal at work who has been on vacation and now that she's finally back, I am BURNED OUT!)


Blogger Guinifer said...

It's hard not to get depressed when your body is achin'. Spring should help.

8:47 AM CDT  

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