Friday, October 27, 2006

Jessica Tromp's Free Patterns (Gratis Patronen)

I actually found this site many months ago, but I just finally got around to remembering to add it to my links list (it's at bottom of the list over there - the button that says "Jessica")

Jessica Tromp lives in the Netherlands and loves knitting (among many other things). Her website is a little hard to navigate at first; it is in both Dutch and English. However, once you start clicking around, you'll find that it has some of the best online stitch pattern libraries that you'll ever find. Color charts, lace, cables, basic knit/purl combos - they're all there. She even has several of her own sweater patterns online!

It's truly a gem of a site, and I don't think a lot of people in the US may know about it. I'd feel guilty if I didn't share this treasure!

1/10/08 EDITED TO ADD:
If you are having trouble accessing this website, please do not contact me - I can't help you. Please see this entry for details.

7/29/08 Comments disabled per Jessica Tromp's request. Thank you.