Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Impromptu Hat

I don't know what I was thinking, but I started another project yesterday. I had leftover "chestnut heather" (let's call it maroon) yarn from Mike L.'s scarf, and leftover black yarn from my Fraternal Socks, so I decided to make a black hat with a maroon band that has black snowflakes in it. I finished the colorwork last night, but now I'm not terribly happy with it for two reasons.

1) I lost my place in the chart and accidentally did the center line twice, which actually looks pretty cool, and I'd leave it that way except...

2) I was an idjit and held my background yarn in my left hand, foreground yarn in the right. So the snowflakes kind of don't "pop" in the way that they really could. Gah. Not a big deal, it didn't take that long, but it's kind of annoying to know that there's no way I'll be satisfied until I rip back to the beginning of that section and re-knit it anyway.

Oh well. At least I'll end up with a hat I can be happy about. Here's what it looks like right now:
Black Snow Hat

Those black stitches could definitely look a little better. And see how I doubled the center lines in the snowflakes? You'd almost never know it was a mistake if I kept my mouth shut! Nevertheless, I'm going to do them the regular way next time around (probably tonight).


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