Sunday, September 17, 2006

How about a few pictures?

First of all, I better post a couple pictures of the Ocean Socks that I said I was going to post a few days ago. They are very nice and I love the colors, and while the "seaweed" stitch pattern isn't as easy to see as I'd hoped it would be, it does give it a nice interesting texture that I think suits the yarn well.
yarn Knitpicks Dancing (Colorway "Jig" - looks like it's been discontinued)
needles US1 DPNs (Susan Bates Silvalumes)
patternOcean Socks from Knitlist

Next, here's an update on the reversible cabled scarf I'm making for Mike L. It's going much faster than I'd expected it would, which is nice.
The scarf at about 60% complete
Oooh, aaaah!

Next up, something spontaneous! On Friday night I got to looking at the pattern for Fetching from the last issue of Knitty, and I happened to have a ton of Caron Simply Soft sitting around for no reason at all, and look what just kind of... well, happened!
Fetching #1
I actually finished it the next morning while I was at an Autocross event that Jon was participating in. Believe it or not, it got a little boring so I was glad to have some knitting with me! I also started the second one, and should be able to finish that pretty quickly.

About this pattern: I don't think I like the picot bind-off much. In fact, I don't. I just don't. I've never liked the look of picot, and it really rolls and can't be blocked with this dumb acrylic yarn. Yuck. Also, I cast on using the long-tail method, but I'm thinking I would have been happier if I'd used a cable cast on. I'm going to call these acrylic ones the prototype pair, and then maybe do a slightly altered set in wool. I do think I have a friend who might really like these ones though, so I'll see if she'd like to have them. :)

Finally, Peacock Feathers!



Sorry for the poor image quality on that last "detail" shot! I want to add a little disclaimer here for my non-knitting pals who I know are going to be reading this: LACE GETS A BAZILLION TIMES BETTER AFTER BEING BLOCKED! I promise! It looks all rumply and wonky and uneven now, I know, but after the knitting is complete, you soak it and tug it super tight and pin it down, carefully making sure all the stitches and everything looks even, and voila! After it dries out, you have a beautiful piece of lace!

I swear, this thing WILL be done by Xmas for K! (Ya hear that babe? I'm making a solemn oath here! Blog promises can NEVER be broken! ;)


Anonymous Diane E., said...

Great Projects. Love the cabled scarf esp! Do you have the pattern?

11:50 AM CDT  
Blogger Amber Joy said...

Hi Diane - yes the pattern is from Lion Brand, you can find it at

It's really easy to memorize and goes amazingly fast - a very fun pattern for sure. Enjoy!

12:43 PM CDT  

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