Monday, October 23, 2006

Socktober SHAME!

Here we are, almost 3/4ths through SOCKTOBER and I haven't even started SOCK ONE. *pout* I feel too guilty starting anything on purpose, because I still have so far to go with Peacock Feathers, and yet I have both knit a hat AND the fingerless gloves "by accident" instead of socks. What the heck?

I think I got a little burned out on the Ocean Socks. But I have decided to be VERY VERY BAD and cast on for a pair of Jaywalkers tonight. (I'd wanted to do these a while back, and then changed my mind when I heard they were often way too tight, but I think I can just cast on for the larget size and be OK.) I have some Paton's Kroy (4-ply) in "Winter Eclipse" that needs to be made into these socks. It's gonna be gorgeous and they'll be so warm!

If I don't finish a single pair of socks this month, at least I can say I started one.


Blogger Guinifer said...

I'm on the heelflap of my second Jaywalker (2nd of a pair). The first one fits beautifully on my fat size 8 1/2 feet. (I made the smaller size - followed the pattern religiously) on size 1's. I should have a pic posted before the end of the week.

10:34 PM CDT  

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