Thursday, October 05, 2006

KIP* - or should I say KAW?

A few of us at my work did a little Stitch and The-word-we-cannot-say-(thanks SEW FAST SEW EASY) - let's call it a "Craft n Chat" instead - yesterday. We just took the noon hour to sit and knit and crochet and chit-chat and it was very nice. The hour went by too fast, but I got two more rows done on Peacock Feathers (dang that's a slow-going knit), so that's an additional 0.7% to my tally.

Man, I need to find more time to work on that thing! I really need to have it done by Xmas and I don't want to end up like the lace scarf I made for my mom last year - blocking the night before I leave town to go see the gift recipient. YIKES that was close! (I do think K. will be understanding if it is not done by Xmas, but I realllllly don't want this thing to go on any longer than that.

*KIP = Knitting in Public, so KAW would have to be Knitting at Work (although I don't think I'm going to keep using that one!


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