Monday, August 21, 2006

El-Wire Jacket - Part II

I finished the jacket this afternoon and right now I have it glowing away to test the battery draw from the lights. Here come the pictures!

These are some of the materials I used (in addition to the $5 denim jacket from the thrift store):
IKEA brand 'Glansa'
IKEA "Glänsa" Holiday Lights (really just el-wire, and we got over 2 dozen packages of 42+ feet for just $5 each! Usually el-wire sells for about $2 per FOOT. Cha-CHING!)

Battery Holder
Battery Holders. I used two holders that hold 4 D-cells each, to make the total 12 volts needed for these wires.

Needle and Thread
I sewed all the wires onto the jacked by hand with a regular needle and thread.

In Process...
Here's an in-progress picture.

While I am a clumsy girl, I am not a dumb clumsy girl, so I asked a grown-up to help me with the soldering. (Thanks Jon!)

Right Battery HolderLeft Battery Holder
I sewed one battery pack on each side of the jacket. The wiring is not quite done yet in these pictures! ;P

Finished Jacket - Front
Woo! She's finished and hanging in the hallway all a-glow! :D This is the front, of course - the colors don't show up too well in these pictures, but all the wires you see in this picture are yellow...

Finished Jacket - Back
And the back! I'm not 100% happy with the flower - It was originally supposed to be a 6-petal flower, but then due to certain wiring and spacing issues, I had to add the top and bottom petals, so there it is. It's not BAD, I actually still like it quite a bit. Next year will be better, of course ;)

Again, it's hard to tell the colors in this picture, but the petals are WHITE, the center of the flower and the lines that trace down the sleeves and across the bottom are YELLOW, and the "leaves" right under the flower are GREEN. In real life the colors are quite vibrant and beautiful.

Yay me! Yay El-Wire Jacket! Woo!

The awesomest part is that ALL the materials used in this project cost LESS THAN $20 - WOOOOO!!!

PS - Jon wanted me to take this picture of him, too. He is embellishing the tires for his skateboard, Brutus. Check it out:
Jon with Tire
Doesn't he look proud? <3


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