Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Thoughts on Essential Stripe

I just got word that an Essential Stripe Knit-Along is going to start on September 10th. Might be fun... I've never done a KAL, but I really don't think I'll be able to start it that early. I told the other gals organizing this that I needed at least two months, or until the beginning of October, and there were a couple other people who gave the same timeframe... but I guess it's been decided.

I need to finish Peacock Feathers before I start anything new. It's a gift and I want it done and gifted ASAP. That means no more time wasted on new projects. I have the little Ocean Socks That Are Going To Take Forever, and the Cabled Scarf That Can Really Wait in case I get overwhelmed with the lace charts now and then, and that's ok, I planned for that, but I can't start anything new and keep a happy conscience.

Not to mention, my yarn for that sweater hasn't arrived yet. I ordered it on Tuesday, July 25th (a week and a day ago) and have not seen it yet. Jon is funny - every day I ask him if he got the mail, and he replies, "No Yarn!" He knows I'm anxiously waiting to see it. Knitpicks colors are not always what they seem online, so I just hope they are at least sort of close to what I want. I ordered Main Line in Blueberry, Wedgewood, Butter Pecan, and Cocoa. I'm most worried about the blues. I don't want Wedgewood to be too turquoisey, and I don't want Blueberry to end up too purply. I like blues and browns together, and that's what I'm hoping to find in the mail... and SOON! If I don't see them by next Tuesday, I'll have to call. I don't think I've ever had to wait over a week for shipping, and two weeks would be really strange.


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