Thursday, July 13, 2006

Updated Knitting Knerdery

I just started Chart 2 on Peacock Feathers, and decided that I should probably go back and adjust my numbers on my little stitch-count formula a bit to be more accurate. The first 12 rows, before starting Chart 1, have slightly different stitch counts than all the charted rows, so I counted and found that there are actually 15 less stitches in those rows than my formula predicts there will be. Also, since I originally got my total final stitch count by rounding up to 250 RS rows, I decided to adjust that for back down to the correct count of 249 rows. This now means that my final total stitch count will be 124,485, over a thousand stitches less than originally estimated!

I've gone and put my updated version of my Peacock Feathers Stitch Count Formula into a little Excel file right here. Because I'm a geek like that.


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