Thursday, July 05, 2007

On the 4th of July... I turned a heel

I spent the afternoon of Independence day working on Baudelaire. Not exclusively - I was knitting while spending time with in-laws at a family BBQ. I do like having something to do with my hands at events like that, though, so socks were a great thing to bring along.

Baudelaire HeelI really love the heels on this pattern. I mean, REALLY. As the pattern description says, "...gusset increases, short rowed round heel, and genuine heel flap..." and WOW, it really all comes together nicely! I have an intense dislike of picking up stitches, and I never thought I could do any kind of flap-and-gusset heel without having to pick stitches up, but this pattern doesn't require it at all! It's wonderful!

I expect to finish this sock either today or tomorrow, and then I'll cast on for sock #2 right away (no Second Sock Syndrome here!) I am enjoying this pattern a LOT more than I even expected to, and I highly recommend it.

I'm having so much fun, in fact, that I think I'm going to start browsing my stitch books and see if I can't find something that I can make into my own custom-designed socks. Oh what fun these are! Why did I wait until summer to get back into socks?! I really need to remember that they can be knit all year long.



Blogger Tia said...

WOOHOO! I totally prefer top-down socks. The heel just comes out so much nicer. I have malignant SSS, so I'm a bad sock knitter... I can't wait to see the pair!

3:17 PM CDT  
Blogger Amber Joy said...

But this is a toe-up sock! ;) Pretty crazy, huh!

10:36 PM CDT  

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