Thursday, May 18, 2006

I finished the waist decreases on
Soleil last night and got the straight section done too. It's about 7 inches long right now, so that means I can start on the bust increasing. One of the main complaints I've heard about this pattern is that several people think it's too short, so I might make it a little bit longer at this point in the pattern... but I think I'm going to measure a few tops that I own and try to figure out what kind of length I actually want.

Now that I have a pretty substantial amount of the body done in plain stockinette, I checked to see whether I'm still hitting gauge. I had done a flat swatch and a small tube swatch, and both were pretty close to the recommended gauge. The pattern calls for 22 sts/4", and I think my flat swatch hit 25 or 26, and my tube swatch was something like 21.5 to 22, but it was a rather smallish swatch, and I was having a tough time getting a good clean measurement, so I threw caution to the wind, figured it was close enough, and cast on with the recommended US6 needles from my Denise set.

Well now that I have a nice chunk of stockinette done, I gauged it again and got EXACTLY 5.5 stitches per inch, or 22 sts/4" - nice!! I didn't think to check my row gauge, but I was hitting that pretty spot-on with my swatches, and row gauge isn't usually quite so important anyway. It can always be adjusted as necessary.

This picture was actually taken right after I finished the decreases, so I'm actually a bit further along than this right now. I'm really happy with how it's looking!
Soleil - After decreasing


Blogger MandyJ said...

You are coming along well with that!!! It looks so soft and the color is very pretty :-)

7:09 AM CDT  

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