Thursday, April 20, 2006

Dog Sweater for Zaira

My best friend and her husband got a new Black Lab puppy fairly recently. Her name is Zaira, and she is adorable and smart - what a great combination! Zaira and her mommy and daddy live in the frozen wastelands of North Dakota, so I think it would be nice if I could knit her a nice sweater to wear in the wintertime (after she's full-grown, of course!) I had suggested a bright neon orange sweater, since she is going to be a hunting dog, but her mommy said that she needs something pretty and purple, because she is such a Princess! (Mister Husband had some other words to say about that, but we don't have to listen to him.)

I think I'm going to use this pattern - I like it because it is highly customizable, and I can just get my friend to send me all the necessary measurements and make it a perfect fit. It will be several months before I even think about starting to knit a dog sweater, but I wanted to note it here so I don't forget about it later on when Zaira is done growing!


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