Monday, April 17, 2006

It's hard to stay focused...

I'm down to just 10 inches left to go on the stole. I am usually averaging about one repeat in 35-40 minutes, and every 3 repeats is about 2 inches. So that means I have approximately 3½ hours of work left to do. WILL I MAKE IT? WILL THE THING BE DONE BEFORE THE END OF APRIL?

The suspense is killing me.

I really want nothing more than to start my Jaywalkers and Soleil, but I MUST finish this thing first. It's been going on for FAR too long. I'm just so BORED with it! Of course, if I start either of those, then I'd end up neglecting the Skull Illusion scarf for Ripley, and I know that winter is on its way in Australia, so I better get cracking!

Project Monogamy is HARD. Good thing I'm better at the relationship kind! But then again, nothing is better than Jon... except maybe knitting sometimes. ^_^ (I kid, I kid!! I'm not THAT obsessed! ... usually :P)


Blogger Melissa said...

I hope you can stay focused and get finished. Good luck!

12:05 PM CDT  

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