Monday, March 06, 2006

Ripping tragedy

This weekend I had a bit of a cookie-baking fiasco (only added 1 stick of butter instead of 2, and it took me a LONG time before I figured out why my dough was just a crumbly dry mess, and wasn't sticking together!), and this caused me to get very frustrated and confused.

Somehow it messed up my brain enough that I started second-guessing my knitting, and when I looked at the 12 or so inches of the cabled band for my Coronet hat, I started thinking that I was twisting the cables too close together! I don't know WHY I thought this. They looked fine, the stitches counted out fine, everything was fine, but I was just frustrated enough with the cookie situation that I didn't trust myself anymore that evening, so I went ahead and ripped out 11 inches from that 12-inch band. Then I checked the pattern, only to discover that my knitting had, indeed, been just fine all along. D'oh!

What can I do but laugh? I like knitting, I'm always looking for something to work on next... I guess this just gives me more to work on before I have to start looking for new projects.

I am just a little annoyed that it took me 3 or 4 DAYS to knit just 12 inches on that band. I can usually finish a whole hat in one day! I can't figure out why the cabling slows me down so much. Oh well...

Will post pictures as soon as I make some progress again. *sigh*


Anonymous imogen blue said...

eeek! skull illusion scarf is 20% done!
i have to work harder on your pashmina!!!!!!

10:49 PM CST  

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