Thursday, April 13, 2006

Snood for Inga

I got a request from my friend Inga to knit a snood for her. She works at the Renaissance Festival every summer and it is considered very indecent to go without a head covering of some sort. She'd like a snood that she can use either in combination with her straw hat, or by itself as a standalone hair covering.

Unfortunately, I can't seem to find very many good knit snood patterns, but there are quite a few pretty crochet ones out there. I haven't used my crochet hooks for anything but rescuing dropped knit stitches in the last couple years, and I'm a little nervous about trying to crochet something for someone else. (Read: I don't have much confidence in my crochet skills!)

However, I have decided that it is important to continue to develop my skills - knit, crochet, or otherwise - and this is something that I would love to do for Inga. I think I'm going to swing by the store and get some crochet thread this evening and see if I can't work something out for her.

As T-Rex would say, "NEW SKILLS! WOO!"

(What? You don't know T-Rex, the star of Dinosaur Comics? Meet him here!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

who would be so mean as to ask you to do something for them...

*snicker* yeah, it's me.

I enjoyed the T-Rex bit.


the snood requestor

1:55 AM CDT  

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