Monday, March 13, 2006

Coronet ran into a small "snag"

I finished my Coronet hat on Friday night, but the entire time I was knitting it, I had a growing suspicion that I wasn't quite going to have enough yarn. I was right. I had plenty of Wool-Ease left in black, and I considered adding a horizontal black stripe to the hat, just so I could finish it in the main color... Jon even suggested the same! But for whatever reason, I tried to tough it out to the bitter end of the main color (I ended up with about 18 inches of it left at the end of a round, and then I knit the last 12 rounds at the tip-top of the hat in black. It looks rather silly.

I suppose I'll rip it back a few inches and put that black yarn in near the middle of the hat one of these days, but right now I'm just so DONE with this project. I feel like I need to force myself to finish Skull Illusion (or at least start working on it again - it's been a few weeks since I've even picked it up!) I think I've been slacking on it because it's for a friend in Australia, where it is summertime right now. It's especially weird when I hear her talk about how miserably hot it is! We just got a surprise 4 inches of snow last night - after days in the mid-50s with light "springy" rains... Hah! I guess winter isn't over here yet!


Anonymous apuffyj said...

Hey Amber,

I think I have ripped out more than I have stitched. I have been working on the same pair of socks for way too long. I knitted 6 inches then realized I had decreased in the wrong spot for the entire 6 inches. This was after screwing up on the first sock and tearing it out.

btw I see you are working on the skull illusion scarf. I made the alien illusion scarf in stitch and bitch book for my hubby. He loves it!


10:36 PM CST  
Anonymous Imogen_blue said...

by the time i finish your pashmina it will be summer there.
you'll have to put it away for winter.

4:25 PM CST  

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