Friday, February 10, 2006

So close... almost done!

I seriously have 16 more rounds to do on the 2nd sock, but I am just so tired and really not motivated to finish it. It's almost midnight for pete's sake! But I did take pictures, so here they are:

Sock #1 under Sock #2, and there's my little buddy TiVo, too.

I tried to see what Indy thought of the almost-sock...

She prefers to drag her face all over the needles...

I swear, she's going to get hurt one of these days. As soon as she sees a knitting needle she tries to get it under her lips, behind her eyeballs, and in her ears. It looks creepy, but SHE is the one instigating all this! She really likes it, I swear! I'm just holding the needle still and hoping she doesn't gouge an eye out or something...
Mmmm, pokey!


Blogger Lizzie said...

That looks just like how my friend's cat, Dolores, likes to play with wooden skewers, the kind you grill food on. It's her favorite toy! My friend gets bags of them and lets her rub and mark to her hearts content. Cats are weird!

11:37 AM CST  

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