Friday, March 03, 2006


I can't seem to stick to a plan - I just cast on for ANOTHER hat even though I still haven't finished any of the 3 projects I still have going on. I should be so ashamed - but I'm not! Hah!

I still have all this Wool-Ease left over from the Fraternal Socks, so I decided to use some of the Dark Rose Heather to make a hat for myself... I have been interested in Coronet from Knitty for a while, and after seeing one that my friend Tia made, I figured I'd have to do one of my own - it's just such a cute design! No pictures yet, but I'm only a few inches into the cabled band right now.

If I like how this turns out, I think I want to eventually do a hat in a similar style except with a different kind of cable, specifically this one (ooooh, pretty!)


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