Thursday, February 16, 2006

Yarn Review - Lion Brand Microspun

Now that I'm just over 50% done with my wrap (it's taking forever but not because I'm slow...I just never work on it), I'd like to take a couple minutes to jot down some feelings I have about Lion Brand Microspun yarn. It's awful!!

Well, not 100% awful, but it has enough problems with it that I very well may never knit with it again. I'm not a huge fan of acrylic to begin with due to its lack of crimp and the fact that if you tug it too tight, it doesn't spring back (!!) plus it's often just so itchy and gross, but this stuff was sooo soft and smooth, and it was on sale for so cheap it was almost a waste of money NOT to buy it. Well, that was my thinking at the time.

It splits and splits and SPLITS. Yuck. I suspected this might be an issue. I seem to even remember asking a friend if she'd ever worked with it, and if it untwisted much when being used. I don't even remember what she said, but if anyone ever asks me the same question, I will say YES! It just doesn't want to stay twisted, and I've already found one stitch where I didn't catch myself splitting into the yarn with my needle, and now there's a really annoying loop of half-yarn sticking out. I wove in what I could and made it pretty invisible, but it's still annoying just knowing it's there.

It is still very nice to touch, but a real pain to work with. I guess if I found a good enough reason I'd use it again, but the end product would have to be REALLY worth the annoyance factor.


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