Monday, February 27, 2006

Jon's Hat, Version 3.0

Well, Jon got another hat this weekend!

He had been starting to whine a little bit that the first one was "too purple" (yeah, I'll admit it - KnitPicks' Wool of the Andes in Hyacinth was more purplish in person than it looked on the website), and he also was starting to feel like the "bright colors" made it look a little too much like a hat in the colors of some random sports team.

I have to agree. It looked almost like my high school colors. Perhaps a weird subconscious nod to my upcoming 10-year reunion this summer...?

I started making him a new one with some black Wool Ease that I had left over from my Fraternal Socks, but I REALLY did not like how it was knitting up. I'm not sure why - it was fine when I did socks with it! But I ordered some black Wool of the Andes, and a ball of Midnight Blue, which is much more of a true, deep blue. Jon approved. :)

I was actually working on my (will it ever end?) Feather and Fan shawl on Saturday night, and Jon started really whining about how I was always working on ANYTHING but a new non-sports-team-colored hat for him, so I finally cast on 100 stitches and knit 4 rows just to show him that yes, apparently whining really does pay off in this household.

On Sunday morning I knit most of the rest of the hat in between reading the paper and making pancakes and drinking tea. I had decided to use a slightly different Greek Key motif this time - based on my Godiva coffee cup!

(Sorry the pictures are of such low quality... It's HARD photographing a shiny reflective cup like that!)

I didn't notice until AFTER all the colorwork that I had a serious color-jog problem. Argh!! I completely forgot about all my little tricks for avoiding that! Look at this:


By this point, I really didn't care anymore. I just wanted to hurry up and finish the hat so Jon would quit whining. We had a few errands to run in the early afternoon, and I actually started my decreases at the crown before we left, but then I realized that I had started too early and the hat would be too short, so I ripped out and took it in the car with me to finish up while we were driving.

In the end, I did some pretty crummy double-knitting over the color jogs to try to camoflage them... It didn't work too well, but Jon really didn't seem to care very much, so I just told him to be sure to wear the hat with that part in the back.

This picture was taken at a funny angle that makes his head look huge! LOL
Jon's new hat
Click the picture to see a few more images of this project.


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