Saturday, February 11, 2006

I may not be too smart, but I know how to improvise

I just re-read Wendy Johnson's awesome article (it's a good one - I keep it bookmarked) about different ways to start toe-up socks, and I realized something really quite surprising - I did my wrap-and-turns "wrong" on the heels of both of my Fraternal Socks! I guess technically I shouldn't say I did them wrong, but I just did them differently than the way I had originally learned (using Wendy's Generic Toe-up Sock Pattern, by the way! It's really great - my favorite so far!)

To do short rows, you are supposed to knit to the last stitch, then move your yarn, then slip the stitch and turn the work, and finally slip the stitch again and continue working.

What I did, simply because I'm cocky and didn't think I'd have to look at the pattern, was this: I knit to the last stitch, slipped it, moved my yarn (wrapped), turned my work, and slipped the stitch again.

Wait, no.

OK, now that I think of it, maybe I was doing it right after all...

Hang on... I gotta sit and think about this for a couple minutes. My memory is bad to begin with, and for stuff like this I have to actually be doing it so I can see the materials in front of me...

You know what? Yeah! I think I was doing that! I was slipping, then wrapping instead of wrapping, then slipping. I think.

And the more I think about it, the more I suspect it really doesn't matter much. If I'm picturing this correctly in my mind, then the only difference between these two different ways is the direction of the wrap around the wrapped stitch. The "wrap side" ends up on the left of the stitch either way (before you turn the work), but my way creates the wrap in a counter-clockwise motion, whereas the other way creates the wrap in a clockwise motion.

I really suspect there is little to no difference... My heels look fine, there are no holes, and I feel like the wraps were easier to pick up on these heels than on the first pair of socks I did, when I was following directions!



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