Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I'm thinking UFO for the Ridiculous Angel Hair Socks

Yep. I just can't stand working on them anymore. Not that I've done anything on them for several weeks now, but when I do, my hands just feel like they are going to curl up and fall of. I'm using US6 metal DPNs (I think the yarn calls for US10 or 11!) so the stitches are SUPER tight, and it's almost more like a slipper or perhaps a BOOT. There is no way I'm going to force myself to finish this atrocity, and even LESS of a way I'd ever be masochistic enough to start on the second one! I'm not sure what to do with the yarn. Angel Hair is really quite disgusting when it's knitted up - even the Beige, which I thought might have a chance at looking less matty and ratty than the other colors. Yuck.

Perhaps I could make it into a bunch of i-cords and attach them to a skullcap to make a weird wig of some sort...


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