Monday, January 30, 2006

Jon's Hat - Version 2.1

It turns out I was unhappy enough with Jon's too-long, too-lumpy hat that I actually ripped out the top 6 inches or so during my lunch break today! It wasn't too hard - I just had to snip the yarn at the point where I drew it tight at the top like a drawstring, and it came out like a charm, with hardly any wasted yarn at all! Just that little snipped portion which led to the woven-in end.

I didn't feel bad - ripping 2 colors is fun! And it gives me a chance to practice rolling center-pull balls twice, something I don't feel that I'm very good at yet. I plan on re-knitting the top of the hat tonight, and this time my decrease rows are going to be a lot more gradual. The brutal decreases are what made it so lumpy last time. Here's what I did (do NOT do this!):

Starting with 100 sts on the needles, I...
*K3, K2tog (repeat from *)
K around once
*K2, K2tog (repeat from *)
K around once
*K1, K2tog (repeat from *)
K around once
*K2tog (repeat from *)
This left 10 sts on the needles. I cut the yarn, leaving about 12 inches, and drew it through those stitches and pulled them closed like a drawstring bag.

This was WAY too fast and brutal for decreasing a hat! My plan is to do this:

First, I need to start decreasing EARLIER
Then, I need to start my decreases spread further apart, like (*K10, K2tog) for a round, then K a round, (*K9, K2tog), K a round, etc., etc.

This should create a much more gradual decrease, and therefore a smoother top. I might have to rip a little more out so I can start far enough down so the hat doesn't end up too tall like Version 2.0 did.

Sooner or later I'll get this figured out! I guess this is what I get for trying to do my first knit hat with no pattern! LOL - But I'm not complaining. I like knitting, this is still a fast project, and learning by doing is the best way for me to really internalize something and never forget it.


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