Sunday, March 26, 2006

It's like a yarny roller coaster sometimes....

I don't understand myself sometimes. I had a GREAT time in Devils Lake with K. and I., and I knit constantly as we chatted our throats sore, and even promised I. that she could have the Feather and Fan stole once I was done with it, which made me very happy - now I have a real purpose to finishing it! I also did my gauge swatch for the Peacock Feathers shawl. But something happened. Something terrible. I suddenly quit knitting. o_O I haven't knit since I got back home. I haven't even blocked the gauge swatch that I was sooo excited about when I knit it!

I can only think of two reasons for this latest slump. Either 1) The end of winter is approaching and knitting is just such a "cozy" activity, much easier to get focused on during the colder months; or 2) There has just been far too much other activity going on around here to find time to knit. While it's probably a combination of the two, I suspect the latter is the bigger reason for my slowdown. We've been planning for our wedding, and shopping for houses, and those are both a BIG deal with a lot of activity and things to do, so it's kept both Jon and me plenty busy, and plenty TIRED! This is not necessarily a bad thing - while I do love knitting and had hoped to do at least a little bit every single day, sometimes other things have to take precedence. And I've been having fun with it all, so that's great!

I keep thinking that next year, after the wedding and the house-buying and all this activity is wrapped up, life is going to seem SO BORING! At least then I will have plenty of time to knit!


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