Saturday, April 22, 2006


We just closed on the new house yesterday morning, and have until the end of next month to finish moving out of the current place (although I doubt it will take that long!)

I just wanted to put up a disclaimer that I might not be knitting/posting much for the next... ohh, let's say couple weeks (?) or so... We are trying to get as much moving done as quickly as possible, and I'd rather spend my spare minutes sorting and packing things than knitting or playing online. I'm efficient, but not as efficient as Jon! When I went back to work yesterday at 11:00 am, he started loading the trailer, and by the time I got home just after 5:00, he had already moved 2 large loads of stuff! I helped him do a third, and I think we are going to be able to get a LOT done over this weekend, but the smaller things that require packing will take a bit longer.

So yeah, let's give it 2 weeks and see where that leaves me. TTFN!


Blogger Melissa said...

Good luck!!

1:18 PM CDT  

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