Thursday, December 07, 2006


I made another dishcloth yesterday. No pictures yet -- it is still pretty rumply and needs to be steam-blocked. I'll probably take care of that this evening. And with that, I am done with PURPLE KITCHCEN COTTON. Whew! Well, I actually did have a bit left, but not enough for another dishcloth Well, ok, it might have been enough but I just didn't want to do any more! Cotton is a hard fiber, with no "give", and it's difficult to work with when you want to do stupid things like K3tog or p2togTBL. And yes, I did those things multiple times on the last couple cloths I made. I get too bored too quickly with simple knit-and-purl designs. At least the lacy ones came out looking nice, but I think I'm done for at least a short while.

I took the last bit of cotton yarn and crocheted a hyperbolic poufy-scrubby thing to use in my own sink. I had hoped I'd have enough for a bath-scrubbie, but that would take at least as much yarn as a dishcloth, if not more, and now that I think about it, I really don't want anything that is dark purple in either one of my bathrooms! I'll post pics of the crocheted hyperbolic plane this evening, too. No pictures this early in the morning - it's still dark out! The woods to the east don't help... they just delay sunrise a little more. :( (Lived in this region almost all my life, but DANG I hate Northern Winters... too dark, too cold, too long!)

On the subject of knitting dishcloths in general... I'm torn. I love how quickly they go, and I think they can be good as gifts if they match the recipient's kitchen nicely. But I don't like how hard the cotton yarn is. I don't like how it almost cuts into my finger sometimes like a rope. I don't like how it has almost no stretchiness, and makes several kinds of decreases a bit more of a challenge than I tend to enjoy. So I guess I need to do a kind of cost-benefit analysis of making dishcloths for myself or others before I go out and purchase any more cotton in ANY color. It's definitely something I'll need to think about for a little while...

OK, that's my post about dishcloths and knitting with cotton. Bye now!


Blogger Guinifer said...

I like dishcloths for two reaons - #1 relatively cheap and #2 kind of brainless/effortless work - sometimes it's nice not to have to think about it.

You are right though, it is very hard on the hands.

10:10 AM CST  

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