Tuesday, November 14, 2006

What's Amber been up to?

Well, this weekend my parents came to stay with us. It was fun. The in-laws came over for dinner and that was the most people I've ever cooked for. It went well.

Mom and Dad brought their little dog, Belle, with them. She took a liking to Bonzo's rawhide chew toy, so he let her take it home with her:
Enjoying Rawhide Gift from Bonzo Enjoying Rawhide Gift from Bonzo

I also made Jon an earflap hat, at his request.
Earflap Hat
He wore it almost all day on Sunday, since he was working in the yard and garage a lot.
Pretty good
He really likes it.

As usual with most of my hats lately, this one didn't have a pattern. I knit the earflaps first, then cast on for the rest of the hat, knitting along the earflaps when I felt like I was at a good position for them. I made the front a few stitches wider than the back, and it worked out perfectly.

yarn Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick 'N Quick in "Denim Twist"
needles US10½ circular 17" (Denise interchangeables)

 No pattern, just made it up as I went. I did use a smaller needle size than recommended for the yarn, to create a tight, dense fabric as per Jon's request. For the crown, I went back to the spiraling decreases like I did for his other hats but not my Black Snowflake hat. I think I really prefer the spirals over the "even-wedge" style of crown decreases.

Also, we bought an RV on Sunday for $1000! It's 32 years old, but in pretty darn good condition. I put some pictures up on our personal website - Click Here to see them.


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