Sunday, January 13, 2008


I took that needle-felting class earlier this winter, I think in December, and never got around to taking pictures of the critters I made, so here they are:

Bear and Bird
I made the bluebird first, and then the polar bear. I thought he needed a little extra something, so I split an edge off of a Christmas ribbon and tied it around his neck... but I think a velvet ribbon might work better. For now, though, he looks awfully cute and festive!
Hand included to show scalePolar Bear

Here's another one of the bird:
I would have preferred to use beads for the eyes, but I didn't have any at the time and didn't really feel like bothering to buy beads just for two tiny eyes (or I guess four if I do the bear too). I might still get around to it, though.

So that is needle-felting, aka "dry felting". A great, fun new skill! Next up is wet-felting, the kind I've done in the past.

My mom's felt clog slippers looked so cute when I finished them up, I started a pair for myself too. Mom loved hers, and I just had to see what they were really like! I couldn't try hers on because her feet are about two and a half sizes smaller than mine!

I picked a neutral oatmeal-colored yarn for mine, and used the same dark chestnut brown for the soles and cuff. Here they are before felting (or is it fulling?):
My slippers - before feltingMy slippers - before felting

I ran them through the washer on HOT with some jeans a week or two ago, but didn't get around to taking pictures until this morning:
My slippers - after feltingMy slippers - after felting

I LOVE THEM! I have not put puffy-paint treads on them yet, like I had planned to do, but I suppose I should do that soon. We pregnant ladies are not known for being the most graceful bunch, and I'd hate to take a slip and fall in the kitchen or bathroom. Treads or not, though, these are just amazingly comfortable, warm, cozy slippers! Plus they have the added benefit of wool's absorbency and anti-bacterial properties, so they won't end up getting as stinky as my other slippers with the foam inner soles. These felt clogs are quickly turning into my default hanging-around-the-house slippers, but the other ones with foam are still great to have for running out to the garage (where we have the chest freezer) to grab a roast, or popping out on the porch to call the dog inside.

I had to get rid of my old Dearfoam slippers because they got kind of trashed between heavy use, stinky insides, and a bit of a partial shredding going through the washing machine and dryer. But for Christmas, I got THESE!!

Super Cute Slippers
(Not Uggs, they just kinda look that way)

The inside soles are still foam, but that's ok if I alternate between these and the wool ones. The best part about them (besides being totally adorable) is that they have great thick rubber soles - a bit lighter than sneakers, but really nice and substantial for slippers. I love these too! Hooray for slippers of all kinds!

(But yeah... I really, highly, enthusiastically recommend the Fiber Trends Felt Clogs)

yarn Patons Classic Merino Wool, double stranded
needles US13 circulars (I used my Denise set, so I don't remember the lengths I used, but probably something close to the recommended lengths in the pattern)

 Fiber Trends AC-33, purchased via some other site for a little cheaper than the Fiber Trends site. (I can't remember where I bought it though!)



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